Post Programs

If you would like to make a Tax Deductible Contribution to any of our Post Non-Profit Programs you send it to

The American Legion

JE Lanier Post 27

PO Box 2767

Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Please specify which program you would like to help. The members of Post 27 thank you.

The American Legion JE Lanier Post 27, Richmond Hill Georgia is organized as a Tax Exempt Non-Profit 501 (C) (19) Veterans Organization incorporated under the Laws of Georgia. Pursuant to IRS publication 3386 (6-1999) Post 27 has developed the attached service programs to meet the following purposes.

Promoting the social welfare of the community

Assisting needy and disabled veterans, widows, or orphans of deceased veterans

Providing entertainment, care and assistance to hospitalized veterans or members of the Armed Forces of The United States

Perpetuating the memory of Veterans and comforting their survivors

Conducting programs for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes

Sponsoring or participating in patriotic activities

Providing social and recreational activities for members

We believe all of our programs fit into the above categories; and many fit into several.

Veterans Outreach Program

Post 27 programs to support the health and welfare of Veterans in our community. Programs include access to The American Legion Professional Service Officer Network through local Service Officer prescreening. Assistance includes VA Claims & Benefits, referral to other local assistance agencies, direct monetary assistance as required, and the camaraderie of other veterans through membership.

Additional programs include 3rd Infantry Division Purple Heart Fund, Graves Registration, Post Color Guard, The Veterans Voice Newsletter, Sick Bed flowers, Funeral Memorials, and other Local programs to foster the ideals of selfless service to God and Country. (approx 1290 served in 2002)

Children & Youth Programs

US Constitution & Declaration of Independence Distribution

The Distribution of a copy of the US Constitution and The Declaration of Independence to every 4th grade student in Richmond Hill.

Presentation is made to students at assembly with the instructions to learn it, live it, guard it, and pass it on. (approx 350 served in 2002)

Middle School Essay Contest

Annual Contest Co sponsored by Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc for all Middle School students to write essays on selected topics designed to foster thought about a citizen’s obligation to their country, as delineated or implied in the US Constitution. (approx 400+ served in 2002)

The American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest

Annual Contest begins the process of competition leading to participation in the National Contest held at National Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. in April. Purpose is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of The United States on the part of high school students. Successful completion of the several rounds of competition can lead to over $18,000 in scholarships for the winning candidate. (1 served in 2002)

Children’s Miracle Network

Donations are made to Baccus Children’s’ Hospital, Savannah, Ga

The American Legion JE Lanier Post 27 Veterans Children Scholarship Fund

A competitive scholarship awarded to local children of veterans of all services and components, including the Reserve and National Guard; attending an accredited institution of Post-secondary education. (7 served since 2001)
The American Legion Boys & Girls State Program

A program for High School Juniors that is a summer camp style educational retreat on government operations including City, County, and State Government. Program is a hands on exercise in the establishment and operation of a functioning republic. (6 served in 2002)