3rd ID Purple Heart

The American Legion

JE Lanier Post 27

3rd Infantry Division Purple Heart Fund

Purpose: To assist in the rehabilitation of the injured and wounded soldiers of 3rd Infantry Division and Ft Stewart/Hunter AAF; who have with their bodies answered their call to duty above their own welfare.

Organization: Posts 27 Purple Heart Committee is established with the following members:

Commander Bill Helms

Sr Vice Commander David James

Adjutant John H Ellis Sr

Exec Committeeman Ralph Pruden

Legionnaire Don Singleton

1st Dist Commander Donald R Gardner

The Committee will allocate funds or services based on the soldiers application and needs. Initial POC is Chaplain, LTC John Foxworth of The Ft Stewart/Hunter AAF Chaplains Office. (912) 266-1155 or Application can be mailed to:

The American Legion

JE Lanier Post 27


PO Box 2767

Richmond Hill, Ga 31324

Services: Individuals will be helped based on the needs of either the soldier or his family. Services or grants will be provided pertaining to the welfare of the family and the rehabilitation needs of the soldier that may not be provided by The Department of The Army, or the Veterans Administration.

How Can You Help? If you would like to help these soldiers you can make a tax deductible donation to the Purple Heart fund through the secure link to Pay Pal at the left of this page, or send a donation to

The American Legion Post 27

PO Box 2767,

Richmond Hill, Ga. 39324.

Attention : Purple Heart Fund.

If you are a federal employee you can make a contribution to our Post through the Combined Federal Campaign ID #9918.

If you are a local merchant you may be able to help with donated goods and services to these soldiers, if you would like to register with Post 27 as a local service provider please contact Adjutant John H Ellis Sr, (912) 995-0735 by phone or write to the address above Attn Adjutant Ellis.

If you are a Purple Heart Veteran and would like to work with our committee contact Cdr Bill Helms (912) 756-2649, or Sr Vice Commander David James at (912) 756-9345